About us

Sevelina was released to the world in December 2007 operating under trademark SEVELINA. Sevelina is targeting to provide unique and only content of Dress up games and Makeover games for girls. Sevelina in the only place on the web which followed the strategical line not change the image of Sevelina’s model-dolls and continue to develop more and more new games.

The new creations appeared not often, but each creation is a real art of dress up or makeover game.

Wallpaper for desktop and Screensavers branded by Sevelina are available.

Sevelina is also a place with the Teen star’s and games about them can be often found.

Live community is developing rapidly on Sevelina, so it became the right place to organize poll and contests among numerous users.

Sevelina is continuously growth and developing with ambitious plans for the future.